Monday, October 11, 2010


You may be aware, or perhaps not... I've been salivating for months now. In late November the wait will be over.

Adam is an Android-based touchscreen tablet running the NVIDIA Tegra2 platform. ...with a 10" PixelQi screen (1024×600 and viewable in bright sunlight), 3G, Wifi 802.11n, GPS, 3Mpx camera, microSD card, etc, etc, and 16 hours of battery life (up to 160(?) hours with backlight off).

The Tegra2 is a system-on-a-chip (SoC) with a 1GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 (FPU each core), an NVIDIA ultra low power GPU, an embedded ARM7TDMI and other specialized processing cores for audio and video processing.

One of Adam's strongest features is its software which should take user-oriented multitasking and the touch screen interface to the next level. ...and it is supposedly an open device. If not with Android, know that there is a version of Ubuntu being readied for Adam.

...all for less than $500.

More at:

Update (9 Feb 2011):  A limited quantity of Adams were made available during a "pre-sale," and again now to those unable to get one in the 1st round. I would have ordered but sadly they are only accepting AmEx and Visa. (Reportedly MC is [extremely?] slow in approving; don't know about PayPal.) Nevertheless, the Adam is one to watch.

Update (2 Jun 2011):  The Adam may indeed turn out to be THE tablet, but waiting has been agonizing. (I did sign up [again] after Notion started accepting MCs but never received a notification.) The iPad 2 is compelling and friends recommend it highly, but it is expensive and it is a closed system. So, as a stop-gap measure I purchased a refurbished Nook Color from BN for $225 and am seriously considering rooting it into a full-fledged Android tablet. It will be WiFi and Bluetooth only, but that is what I want. More on this later. ...and for now, Adam can wait.

Update (Jan 2012):  In December I finally received an invitation from Notion Ink allowing me to order an Adam. I debated for a few minutes and decided against.  Not perfect but I'm finding my Nook Color has been filling most of my tablet needs/wants and another $500-$600 would provide only small marginal benefits.  (I'm running Android 2.3.7 thanks to CyanogenMod and CM7.)


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